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Mathis Nitschke

Mathis Nitschke is a conceptual artist, composer, sound designer and performer, specialising in music combined with theatre and new technologies. After he started out playing the guitar and performing the sound mixing desk he studied visual arts and finally made his degree in music composition at the Royal Conservatoire Den Haag, developing a strong conceptual approach along this way.

His music is often a result of combined improvisational practise. He maintains special working relationships with singers and musicians, among them Anja Lechner who plays Cello on 'Kabelsteg'.

On commission of the National Opera Montpellier, Nitschke created the grand operas JETZT and HAPPY HAPPY in 2012 and 2014. JETZT earned him a nomination for ‘premier of the year’ in the Opernwelt yearbook 2013.

You can hear Mathis on Nonclassical's new EP Outside the Lines

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