Tansy Davies

Recent projects include Re-greening for large singing orchestra, a concerto for four horns entitled Forest, and Between Worlds, a bold and highly personal response to the events of 9/11, for which she received the 2016 British Composer Award for Opera.


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Tansy Davies’s work has found an accommodation between the worlds of the avant-garde and experimental rock, between - in the words of one critic - Xenakis and Prince. neon (2004) has become for many Davies’s signature work, with its gritty, sleazy sounds and pounding rhythms.  Davies has been commissioned by numerous world class ensembles and orchestras, including the London Sinfonietta, BIT 20, BCMG, and the New York Philharmonic. Her long fascination with the music of the Troubadours finds expression in her Song of Pure Nothingness and Troubairitz, the 2010 song cycle for soprano and percussion that gave its name to a portrait disc on Nonclassical.