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Heidi Heidelberg is an anarchic soprano with a dynamic arsenal of vocal techniques, from operatic to percussive, taking in beatboxing and live looping while always riding the extremes of her range.

Heidi is also the winner of our Battle of the Bands 2017, winning over the judges with her rendition of John Cage's Aria.

She takes influences from the animate and the inanimate, the sacred and the subculture, including John Coltrane, Cathy Berberian, Dimi Mint Abba, Mike Patton, Barbara Hannigan, Jamaican ragga and dancehall, Tannoy announcements, crying babies and roosters.

She is currently developing new repertoire for solo voice, exploring the possibilities of effects and sound manipulation as well as pushing the limits of her vocal techniques and timbres through a cappella work. 

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