Enigma of the music world, GéNIA is an experienced virtuoso concert pianist, composer and a radical pedagogue. Constantly seeking to reinvent tradition and stir up convention, she is founder of a unique Piano-Yoga® method, an impressive electronics collaborator, as exhibited on her collaborations with “dirty electronics” maestro John Richards, and descended from a famous family of Russian pianists (being taught by her great grand mother Regina Horowitz), a lineage referenced in her Piano Book collaboration with Gabriel Prokofiev in 2009.

Braking classical traditions, her concerts often take a form of a show rather then a classical performance, as she loves to connect with her audience and make an experience very personal to them. GéNIA enjoys collaborating with talented artists from another cultural disciplines, like fashion, dance and filmmaking, and often surprises her audience by inviting them to participate in her shows.

“…an outstanding musician… she knows how to communicate with her audience, and has the virtuosity that marks her out as a natural pianist.” - The Times


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