We make our first appearance at the National Theatre's River Stage Festival, a series of free outdoor events taking place on the riverfront every weekend over the summer.

From 3–5 August, we're bringing together best in new classical, electronic and experimental music to the South Bank. 

On Friday night, Klavikon (Leon Michener) plays live techno prepared piano, including hamster wheel, before Tom Richards presents an idiosyncratic and infectious demonstration of his modular synthesizer setup. Elsewhere, there’s renaissance music and live improvisations from cello trio Tre Voci; an exploration of the work of 20th century female composers from Sarah Dacey; music for cello and tape, plus jazz vibraphone, from Cecilia Bignall; a unique performance of Gabriel Prokofiev’s 'Cello Multitracks', led by Peter Gregson; the joyfully anarchic jazz/classical/rock collective DOLLYman; while DJs across the weekend include Late Junction’s Nick Luscombe and the genre-bending turntablist Mr Switch.

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