• Casino Kulturraum (map)
  • 17 Fallenbrunnen
  • Friedrichshafen, BW, 88045
  • Germany

Every May, the international Bodensee Festival turns the tri-border region between Germany, Austria and Switzerland into the hot spot for interdisciplinary art: With about 80 events and up to 35 venues around the famous Lake Constance area as well as an annually changing topic setting the framework for the artistic work, the festival brings together the best of classical music, jazz, theater, dance, literature and film.

For their 30th edition, with Nonclassical founder and Artistic Director Gabriel Prokofiev being the festival's Artist in Residence, the festival has invited Nonclassical to be part of their interdisciplinary programme, introducing our famous London Club Night to Lake Constance in a series of club concerts.

Gabriel Prokofiev, Composer/DJ

Mathias Johansen, Violoncello

Caroline Wüst, Clarinet

Atrium Quartet:

Nikita Boriso-Glebsky, Violin
Anton Ilyunin, Violin
Dmitry Pitulko, Viola
Anna Gorelova, Violoncello

Casino Kulturraum, Friedrichshafen
Wednesday, 9 May, 9pm
14€ // 7€ (Concessions)

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