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Nonclassical 10: Interview with Gabriel Prokofiev in The Quietus

We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary throughout the year with special events and surprises (to be announced very soon), but to get things started The Quietus have done an in-depth interview with label founder and composer Gabriel Prokofiev. The interview covers our history from being a spark of an idea, the very early days, some of the challenges, unexpected moments and triumphs. You can read a snippet below or the full article on their website.

"I'd grown up playing in pop bands and when I was 14 we made a cassette, we photocopied the inlay and with a double tape deck made 120 copies. From that point onwards, I was in the recording world, and it became a natural process that if you write a piece of music you're going to record it. So when I wrote my first string quartet, which was after a considerable break from actually writing classical music I was really pleased with it and I thought I have to record this, but hang on, who's going to release this? In the dance music world there are loads of labels you can approach and you can try, but with classical music there just was nothing, no options.The string quartet that recorded it was the Elysian Quartet, they were really young, they hadn't won a competition, this is 2003 and I was 28, they weren't on the circuit so none of the traditional labels would take them. Me too - I'd just come back to composing, there just wasn't any label that would take me on. I already ran a label with another producer in these studios, that at the time was called Nonstop Recordings, and we were doing some hip hop and electronic music so I knew how it all worked, the structure and I was quite excited about running a label, and then I thought, "What the hell, I'll release it on my own label."...

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