On the 31st of January we're at the Barrel House, Totnes for the first in a new series of satellite events there.

This first event will include live performances of music by Stockhausen and Lona Kozik, a homage to Ligeti's famous piece for 100 metronomes, electroacoustic music from Richard Gonski's Digital Music Archives, a new electrocoustic piece by Lucinda Guy, "Le bœuf sur le toit" 1919) for piano/four hands played to Charlie Chaplin's "The Floorwalker" PLUS amazing DJ sets from Nwando Ebizie.

More info on the Facebook Event Page


In other news, Gabriel Prokofiev is in Canada in late January where he's Roger D. Moore Distinguished Visitor in Composition for the University of Toronto Faculty of Music's New Music Festival. He's going to be involved in a series of talks and concerts, with the 28th January having a special NONCLASSICAL event, details HERE.

During his time in Canada he's writing this blog with updates about what's happening over there.

Gabriel will be in Pau, France in February for the premiere of a new piece - another for turntables, this time alongside trumpet and percussion. Details below ...

// 24 Jan – 2 Feb 2014 // University of Toronto – Distinguished Visitor in Composition Talks & Concerts: including Spheres, Concerto for Turntables, Cello Multitracks, String Quartet no.1, and more TBA Toronto, Canad a

28th January - Nonclassical at The Canadian Music Centre //  Details

// 5,6,7,8 February 2014 // Concerto for Trumpet, Turntables, Percussion and Orchestra PREMIERE Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn, France // conductor: Fayçal Karoui // Turntables: DJ Switch Palais Beaumont Centre de Congrès, Pau, France