Ynight “Nonclassical” feat. Nonclassical London – Gabriel Prokofiev & Nwando Ebizie

Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-06 um 23.17.28On December 19 (BLOK Zürich) and 21 (Turnhalle Bern) the Ynight is featuring a Nonclassical London evening, with composer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev (grandson of Russian composer Sergej Prokofiev) and DJ Nwando Ebizie. The music of Gabriel, an important representative of the “genre-bending” position in new composed music of today is at the center of the night – in compositions for string quartet, electronics and a spectacular piece for cello and 8 speakers. Later in the night, Gabriel and Nwando will remix the music played in the evening and the party begins.



Etienne Abelin, Milena Parobczy: Violins; David Schneebeli: Viola; Solme Hong, Cello

DJs Gabriel Prokofiev, Nwando Ebizie (Nonclassical London)

VJs Aaawesome Colors

Composer/Electronica/Remixes: Gabriel Prokofiev

Speakers: Sven Boenicke Audio