In advance of the launch of our percussion festival this week, to get everyone in the mood, a couple of the current London-based composers involved in the launch night have given us their top five percussion pieces. We're happy to say that several of their choices will be performed during the course of the festival!

Dave Maric

Dave Maric is a London-based composer who has specialized in writing for percussion, having written for star percussionist Colin Currie, as well as musicians Marielle and Katia Labeque, Fred Frith and many others.

Also a talented musician, Dave played in the late Steve Martland's band, and currently is playing piano and marimba with the Colin Currie Group and Steve Reich.

We'll also be celebrating the percussion music of Martland on the opening night, with a performance of his Starry Night by Catherine Ring and The Ryedale Players String Quartet.

Here's a sneak preview of his piece Run Chime, performed by Colin Currie and the Miro Quartet - come along to our opening night to see Catherine and the Ryedales perform it too!

Top 5 in no particular order:

1) Steve Reich - Drumming

2) Harry Partch - Daphne of the Dunes (has some stringed instruments too)

3) Bela Bartok - Sonata for two Pianos and Percussion 4) Harrison Birtwistle - Axe Manual

5) Igor Stravinsky - Les Noces (voices are used percussively!)

Tansy Davies

There will also be a piece by Tansy Davies at our opening night, this time originally composed for another percussion star, Joby Burgess, who will be appearing at Oval Space for our Pioneers of Percussion and Orchestra night.

One of Tansy's work is angular and rhythmic and often very percussion-heavy, taking influence from the classical avant-garde, funk and experimental rock. She's composed for the London Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, among many others

Top 5 in no particular order:

1) Xenakis: Rebonds B

2) Varese: Ionisation 3) Cage: 2nd Construction 4) Some Ethiopian folk music: BELOBELO (Album) by Wassie Etenesh & Mathieu Sourisseau