/// 1PM  / St. Margaret's House, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL ///


We're presenting  a workshop exploring the interaction between african drumming and Steve Reich's 1970's music. The workshop will be lead by African drummer Abass Dodoo (Ginger Baker),  and educator, and contemporary percussionist Serge Vuille.

The participants will get first hand participatory experience and essential theoretical knowledge of african drumming and rhythms, as well as of Steve Reich's 1970's music, influenced by his trip to Africa. Everyone will get to play drums and learn both traditional african and classic Reich rhythm and patterns. Abass and Serge will also share knowledge about the history of both these musical styles, reflect on how they can inform and influence each other and show scores, pictures and videos about Reich's Drumming, Music for Pieces of Wood and Clapping Music, and traditional and contemporary African Culture.


Abass Dodoo was born into a family of well known royal drummers and from the age of 6yrs, he was inspired by his grandmother who taught him the drums by singing the rhythms. He was formally trained by his uncle, the famous Ghanaian master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy, playing with the Royal Obonu Drummers from the age of 10years. Abass has been delivering workshops, performance and team building events for the past 30 years, nationally and internationally. He leads One-drum's dynamic performance work in a wide range of Africa’s drumming traditions.

Abass brings great understanding and awareness of his African cultural heritage to our contemporary, multicultural society through One-drum's educational workshops.

Serge Vuille is a freelance percussionist established in London. He founded and directs the ensemble We Spoke  since 2008 with which he regularly performs in London, Switzerland as well as Paris, Berlin, Florence, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and Lima. He also plays with many ensembles including drums with the Martin Creed Band, percussion with the London Sinfonietta, and baroque percussions with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Serge is a professor for percussion at the Royal College of Music as a coach for the percussion ensemble and lecturer in experimental music.