/// 6pm / Limewharf, Vyner St. E2 9DJ ///

The closing night of the festival puts the spotlight on music in which performance art and extended technique stretch the boundaries of what percussion, and musical performance, can be ... expect plant pots, nudity, tables and tapdancing.

We'll be presenting works from composers including Rzewski, Globokar, Paul Burnell and Thierry De Mey.

We're delighted to be welcoming back some familiar faces from the Pioneers of Percussion series. Calie Hough, George Barton, and Catherine Ring, alongside Abstruckt and improv tapdancer Junior Laniyan.

They'll be performing:

Thierry de Mey - Silence Must Be

Francois Sarhan - Homework

F. Rzweski - Lost and Found

F. Rzweski - To the Earth

Serge Vuille - Modulation for two players on one snare drum

Vinko Globokar - ?Corporel

Thierry de Mey - Musique de Tables

Matthew Shlomowitz - Letter Pieces No.1

Paul Burnell - And She Flew

Paul Burnell - Psst

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