We’re very excited to finally announce the first full-length release from The House of Bedlam, the  truly inimitable chamber group / band formed and led by acclaimed composer Larry Goves, and with words written and read by Mathew Welton. House of Bedlam are a really exceptional group and have long had a special place in our hearts, ever since their first mesmerising performances at the Nonclassical club-nights back in 2008. The players’ long association with Goves’ music makes them uniquely able to navigate his wild and vivid landscapes, and we’re proud that this disc finally puts Bedlam’s performances on record. Included are four pieces recorded at The Warehouse in 2008 and broadcast on BBC Radio 3′s Hear and Now programme, three pieces recorded elsewhere, and four remixes by Mira Calix, Gabriel Prokofiev, Dale Jonathan Perkins, and Devil Dandy.

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1 Sinew 2 Writing 21 3 Riviniana & the vermillion border 4 Poppy 5-7 deaf John’s dark house 8 Talking microtonal blues 9 Skein(2) 10 Skein(2) (G.ProkofIev Non-Blues Remix) 11 Sinew (Devil Dandy Remix) 12 deaf John’s dark house (Dale Jonathan Perkins Remix) 13 Sinew (Mira Calix Remix)