Piano & live electronics: John Kameel Farah (Toronto) Various recorders, including Paetzold contrabass recorder: Julia Andres, Yeuntae Jeong and Gineke Pranger


DJs: Gabriel Prokofiev (London / Nonclassical) Nwando (London / Nonclassical) Gagarino (a.k.a. Jürgen Grözinger) Joey Hansom (Expatriarch) Balzer & Hossbach (Certain People)

We're back in Berlin on Wednesday the 11th of September at Chalet, the 150-year-old mansion that's been transformed into a nightclub with an outdoor garden area.

Onstage, Toronto's John Kameel Farah will perform solo piano and live electronics, combining contemporary classical, free improvisation, jazz, electro–acoustics, middle-eastern modes and ambient minimalism and distilling them into cohesive, imaginative surrealistic structures.

Recorder performers Julia Andres, Yeuntae Jeong and Gineke Präger will play pieces including Luciano Berio's “Gesti” from 1966, and “Binary Opposition”, a new work by Stella Veloce that defies the strict dichotomy of sound versus noise.

Completing the lineup will be some of Berlin's most progressive DJs: Jürgen Grözinger—an experimental musician who plays percussion in some of Germany's top orchestras—will create an audio atmosphere as Gararino, the alias he's already introduced into different contexts such as Yellow Lounge at Berghain and Watergate. Joey Hansom will layer early electronic and computer music with an all-vinyl set, and renaissance duo Balzer & Hossbach—known for their DJ residency at Berghain's Certain People concert series—will present their own forward-thinking selections.

And of course, London resident DJs Gabriel Prokofiev and Nwando will be there, digitally weaving together tracks and remixes from the Nonclassical record label catalogue, alongside the best in contemporary classical, left-field electronic music and anything in between.