On Tuesday 12th March we present the London premiere of Deconstructing Dad, an award-winning documentary on Raymond Scott, made by Scott's son Stan Warnow - who below picks his top five tracks. >>> Tuesday 12th March: 'Deconstructing Dad' at Hackney Attic >>> Thursday 14th March: Raymond Scott's music live at XOYO


1. 'The Penguin', from Scott's 'Quintette' in the early years (1937-39)


2. 'Baltimore Gas and Electric', from the Manhattan Research time.


Initially a leader of jazz bands, Scott took a rigorous approach to orchestrating parts for different players and would shun improvisation in favour of complex arrangements. He had a glamorous celebrity lifestyle in the States and by the 1950s was presenting 'Your Hit Parade' on NBC. He also provided the soundtracks, loved by so many, for Warner Bros. 'Looney Tunes' cartoons.

What few realised was that he was using this to fund his research into electronic music and composition with his Manhattan Research Lab - during this time he invented several new instruments, worked with Robert Moog, and arguably invented the world's first ever polyphonic sequencer. He even made a series of records to help put babies to sleep, called 'Soothing Sounds For Baby' - which doesn't sound out of place next to Aphex Twin's 'Selected Ambient Works'.

Scott took the same technical approach to his electronic compositions as he had with his jazz arrangements, and has left behind an incredible legacy of music.

3. 'Oil Gusher' - another from the Quintette years (the video is of a new recording by Steve Bartek)


4. 'Powerhouse' - Video with a specially made Looney Tunes montage from Warner Bros.


5. 'Little Miss Echo' from 'Soothing Sounds for Baby'


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