Audiovisual instruments inspired by the life and work of Daphne Oram. Daphne Oram created the Oramics machine in order to make her own unique experimental art – a sound unlike anyone else.

We're exploring some of Daphne's ideas specifically during the concert - most notably, Tom Richards is performing using a new device he has been developing based on Daphne's mini-oramics system, which is being built using components that would have been available to her at the time.

Chris Weaver will also be exploring photophonic systems (the use of photocells in sound). Bruno Zamborlin is presenting gesture-based systems derived from analogue signals. Ryo Ikeshiro, Chris Kiefer and Mick Grierson are presenting audiovisual synthesis systems.

The night is part of Nonclassical’s monthly series, also featuring resident DJs Gabriel Prokofiev, Richard Lannoy, and Nwando. This event is in association with Goldsmiths EAVI Research Group.

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Part of our Pioneers of Electronic Music festival.