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Dominic Murcott: The Harmonic Canon


Dominic Murcott: The Harmonic Canon

Music, sound art and public sculpture meld together with Dominic Murcott’s The Harmonic Canon, his British Composer Award winning composition featuring one half-tonne double bell, an array of unusual metal percussion and two virtuosic percussionists.


Outside The Lines – Vol. 2


Outside The Lines – Vol. 2

The latest in our annual Outside the Lines series is out now. The all-female EP features some of the most exciting performers and composers to emerge from the new classical music scene in London.


Out Now/ Juice Vocal Ensemble "Laid Bare: Love Songs"

Nonclassical Recordings are very proud to present the eagerly awaited sophomore album by Juice Vocal Ensemble, following their critically acclaimed debut Songspin.

Laid Bare: Love Songs is a set of specially commissioned love songs from diverse composers from the worlds of classical, jazz, folk and avant-pop integrated and juxtaposed with a series of covers and adaptations of classic love songs performed by performed by Anna Snow (soprano), Sarah Dacey (soprano), Kerry Andrew (alto). "...amazing razor-sharp tuning and purity of tone...they held their audience spellbound" (Ivan Hewett, Daily Telegraph)

Commissioned composers include Gavin Bryars, Errollyn Wallen, Anna Meredith, Mica Levi (Micachu and the Shapes), Jim Moray (award-winning folk artist), Phillip Neil Martin and Dai Fujikura. The group also collaborated with MaJiKer (producer and co-writer of the French avant-pop sensation Camille) on covers of classic love songs including Rihanna’s 'Only Girl In The World', Erasure's 'A Little Respect' and 'You Don't Love Me (No No No)’ by Dawn Penn. The album also includes remixes by acclaimed producers including Devil Dandy (Quebec based sound designer and composer), THiMK (British composer specialising in film, videogames, modern dance and theatre ), Broken Hours (based in Portland, Oregon and presenting the album with an beautiful ambient remix) and Clay Gold (author, librettist, sound artist, audio engineer and compulsive field recordist).

Laid Bare: 10 Love Songs was commissioned with the financial support of the Arts Council England, the PRS Foundation for New Music (PRSF), and the Vale of Glamorgan Festival.

Buy Juice Vocal Ensemble "Laid Bare: Love Songs" directly | on iTunes

Gabriel Prokofiev & Peter Gregson: Float Dance EP

It's a pleasure to release this EP by composer Gabriel Prokofiev and cellist Peter Gregson, featuring the track 'Float Dance' plus a series of remixes - the winners of an open remix competition we held. 'Float Dance' is taken from the album Cello Multitracks, released in 2011 to critical acclaim from The Times, The Independent, Gramophone, and others. Float Dance EP - NONCLSS014y (Listen / Buy)


  1. Gabriel Prokofiev and Peter Gregson - Float Dance
  2. Float Dance (Kidkanevil Remix)
  3. Float Dance (ThimK Remix)
  4. Float Dance (Broken Hours Remix)
  5. Float Dance (Alex Symcox Remix)

NONCLSS015: The House of Bedlam - Talking Microtonal Blues

We’re very excited to finally announce the first full-length release from The House of Bedlam, the  truly inimitable chamber group / band formed and led by acclaimed composer Larry Goves, and with words written and read by Mathew Welton. House of Bedlam are a really exceptional group and have long had a special place in our hearts, ever since their first mesmerising performances at the Nonclassical club-nights back in 2008. The players’ long association with Goves’ music makes them uniquely able to navigate his wild and vivid landscapes, and we’re proud that this disc finally puts Bedlam’s performances on record. Included are four pieces recorded at The Warehouse in 2008 and broadcast on BBC Radio 3′s Hear and Now programme, three pieces recorded elsewhere, and four remixes by Mira Calix, Gabriel Prokofiev, Dale Jonathan Perkins, and Devil Dandy.

>>> Listen to samples / buy the album (CD / FLAC / MP3)


1 Sinew 2 Writing 21 3 Riviniana & the vermillion border 4 Poppy 5-7 deaf John’s dark house 8 Talking microtonal blues 9 Skein(2) 10 Skein(2) (G.ProkofIev Non-Blues Remix) 11 Sinew (Devil Dandy Remix) 12 deaf John’s dark house (Dale Jonathan Perkins Remix) 13 Sinew (Mira Calix Remix)

September 2013 Podcast: Neil Luck

To celebrate our upcoming showcase of emerging composing talent 'Heat the Beat' at Limewharf on 20th September, we've invited Neil Luck, one of the featured composers and an old friend of Nonclassical, to make our September podcast. It's all music he's currently listening to and influenced by and cuts across the spectrum through Japanese thrash legends Melt Banana through to Scott Walker via Steen Andersen, Biber, John Zorn and Cage.