We’re excited to announce that we’re releasing Langham Research Centre’s next album, Tape Works Vol. 1 on 17 November. Langham Research Centre is made up of BBC Radio 3 producers who share a passion for rare and obsolete analogue technology and the creative possibilities these machines offer. The group are devoted to authentic performances of classic electronic music such as John Cage and Alvin Lucier, whilst creating their own music from their instrumentation of vintage analogue devices such as tape recorders, gramophone cartridges and wave oscillators.

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Tape Works Vol. 1 takes you on a journey to discover how recent text-based works and live electronics can be interspersed with earlier tape pieces and is performed using live tape manipulation. The album is made up from a series of small sketches and sections from two long-form works: Muffled Ciphers and The Dark Tower, inspired by JG Ballard’s most experimental novel ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’ and the life and work of the scientific genius Nicola Tesla. Contrasting to this is LOL, a piece composed entirely from sounds of laughter, but also exploring the darker side of this act, which is not always the sound of happiness.

You’re invited to join the celebrations at the launch party at The Victoria in Dalston on 15 November. Langham Research Centre will perform a selection of tracks from their new album, alongside performances from special guests and DJ sets by Gabriel Prokofiev.