February's mix comes from Our Own Correspondent in Tokyo, James Greer. A blissful hour of aural encounters, from the sonic edifice of Messiaen's organ work to the latest excavations of Aphex Twin's unreleased rarities.

Ahead of this month's Battle of the Bands, the mix also features a classic live cut from former winners Mercury Quartet, on this occasion teaming up with Linda Hirst to deliver a stunning cover of Tom Waits' "What's He Building In There?"

More info on this month's live event here


1. Olivier Messiaen - Meditation No. 3 from Méditations Sur Le Mystère De La Sainte Trinité
2. Korpuscle - The Woody Patch 1 (We ArE All mADe of Chemicals)
3. K.R.T. Wasitodipuro ‎– Ketawang: Puspawarna (Nonesuch)
4. Tom Waits (performed by Mercury QTT + Linda Hirst) - what's he building in there
5 Deconstruction Begins - interlude
6. Rudolf Komorous - Part of a Canon From Anatomy of Melancholy (CAPAC)
7. John Cage The Wonderful Widow of 18 springs (performed by Hans Kristian Kjos Sorensen)
6. Refusenik - 149th (Slip Discs)
7. (Novaia Liustra + Masahide Tokunaga) Netori 1 (Novaia Liustra)
8. Aisha Orazbayeva - Aloise (Prah)
9. Champagne Satanist - Dentoline2 (We Are All Made of Chemicals)
10. Tape Loop Orchestra - Tokyo Stars (Cotton Goods)
11. Tempest - Neiderau (Gary Carpenter) / Koltur Remix (Nonclassical)
12. Aphex Twin - 5 How to Science Ab6
13. Aphex Twin - 4 How to Science Ab
14. Oliver Coates - Another Fantasy Cello Solo (Prah)
15. Kyoka - Rot Neu (Raster Noton)
16. Mica Levi - Lipstick to Void (Rough Trade)
17. REAL ADULT - A Course in Miracles (God Bolus)
18. Korpuscle - The Woody Patch 2
19. Daisuck & Prostitute - ハルマゲドン (Wax Records)