We Break Strings is a book of photos, interviews & essays created by Thom Andrewes and Dimitri Djuric with support from Nonclassical, charting the rise of the alternative classical music scene in London. 

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Ten years ago, a new generation of composers and musicians started putting on classical gigs in non-traditional venues. Since then, a new alternative classical music scene has emerged. Now, there are alt classical gigs happening all over London - everywhere from warehouses to pubs, to abandoned underground stations - essentially creating a new music movement, yet nobody has captured and drawn this together in a single printed document.

Our book “We Break Strings” is a labour of love, and will showcase a community of talented musicians at a pivotal moment in music. We hope you will support us in making this book a reality.

We have put in time and money to bring this book to a nearly finished state. We have taken all the photographs, written up the text, the layout has been designed; all that is left is to manufacture the book and distribute it. We are hoping to find backers to help us with this final cost.

Please take a look at the exciting rewards we’ve put together for our supporters, every little bit really does help! If you can’t support us financially, please consider spreading the word via social media or your friends. Thank you so much in advance.

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