OUT NOW! - Float Dance EP2 by Gabriel Prokofiev + Peter Gregson

6 of the most inspiring and exhilarating remixes released in 10 years of the Nonclassical label. 

In 2012 Nonclassical released CELLO MULTITRACKS, a unique collaboration between acclaimed British composer Gabriel Prokofiev and emerging cellist Peter Gregson. Cello Multitracks is a dance suite composed by Gabriel Prokofiev for cello nonet, conceived as a multitrack work of nine layered cello parts to be performed by just one cellist. The suite itself consists of four contrasting movements (Outta Pulsor, Jerk Driver, Float Dance, Tuff Strum) and takes its influences from both electronic dance music and older, more traditional classical forms. The work continues to explore Prokofiev’s interest in reconnecting concert music with a sense of what is contemporary and tangible 

In 2013 Nonclassical held an open Remix Competition on Sound Cloud inviting anyone to remix the third of the four movements, Float Dance. The quality of all of the resulting entries was so impressive that Nonclassical decided to release a collection of nine of the remixes across two Float Dance EPs throughout 2014, the label’s 10th anniversary year. 

“Gabriel Prokofiev is at the vanguard of redefining classical music conventions” Financial Times 

“...the elegant, dipping lines of "Float Dance..." ★★★★ The Independent