Global Composers Competition - Finalists announced!

We had 80 entries from around the world. It was a difficult decision, but the finalists stood out as really embracing the challenge of writing for international live streamed ensemble.

We have selected 4 finalists, all of whom will have their pieces performed on the night. After we've heard all of them, audiences in the venues and online can vote for the overall winner on Nonclassical's Twitter, by tweeting the name of the piece and #globalclassical


Túlio Augusto - Choro em Mar Aberto

Freya Ireland - Time Shifts: Possible Worlds

Jason Doell - Animal Spirits and Quantative Easing

Juan Maria Solare - Caza de Citas


The runners up all showed real potential, and we hope that we can perform their pieces at a later date.

Runners up:

Cory Latkovich:  -Auto(nomy)-Genesis 1 for 4 remote relationship interface clones and 4 displaced musicians

Lucas Rodrigues Ferreira:  Reindícios 

Rodney Waschka:  Five eyes

Denise Gilson:  Passing Storm

Maxwell Lafontant:  Healing Waters

Anthony Green:  Hover

Jordan Nobles:  Simulacrum

Tune in to watch the finalists and vote for the winner here: