The London-based cello ensemble Tre Voci has recently had a chat with Resonance FM and  shared some of their music live in the studio, including pieces from their upcoming performance at Union Chapel and excerpts from their upcoming EP with us. The trio will be performing at Union Chapel on 7 February together with organist and composer Kit Downes, Laura Moody and the Southbank Gamelan Players.

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  • Intro by Colin Alexander played by Tre Voci (00:50 - 05:05)
  • Modus Triplex by Alex Nikiporenko played by Tre Voci (06:10 - 11:11)
  • Extract from ICA performance feat. Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Silje Aker Johnsen and Tre Voci (13:33 - 18:49)
  • Entré je suis en grant pensée by Josquin Des Prez played by Tre Voci (19:52 - 22:28)
  • Extract for EP feat. Kit Downes and Tre Voci by Kit Downes (23:18 - 28:27)
  • Extract of traditional Javanese Gamelan (30:36 - 37:36)
  • Hypoxia by Gregor Riddell played by Tre Voci (40:55 - 46:47)
  • Rings of Saturn by Kit Downes (48:20 - 53:19)
  • Cello duo improvisation by Colin Alexander and Gregor Riddell (57:00 - 60:00)