Since 2016, experimental violist Benedict Taylor has been performing his unrelenting series, Guerrillas – a part-conceptual, part-improvised work which aims to push both the player and the listener to its limits. Based on a manifesto of 14 rules, Benedict creates elaborate graphic scores from which he uses as a visual cue for his improvisations. However, Guerrillas is far from a conventional free improv performance – the strict rules imposed from his manifesto shackle the performer from freely expressing themselves, creating an intense energy that can be felt from both the performer and the listener. The result is a voyeuristic yet somehow mesmerising performance that resonates deeply, highlighting the extremes of musicality, physicality and human emotion.

Ahead of his performance at The Victoria, Dalston on 14 November, Benedict has shared with us his graphic scores, providing a deeper insight into the creative process behind this intriguing series.