In the 13 years that we have been working as part of the contemporary classical scene a lot has changed. The people have changed, the music has changed and the audiences have changed. Not only in who they are, but how they listen to and find music. As a label we wanted to work alongside these changes and produce releases that reflect the scene and music of today. 

Outside the Lines - Vol. 1 is the first in an annual series of EPs, which aims to support the best emerging artists on the contemporary classical scene. Tastes have changed too and the music here aims to show this. Electronics and experimental studio production techniques are increasingly more accepted in the classical world and the music of Mathis Nitschke, Koltur and Tom Richards on this release reflects that. The music on Outside the Lines - Vol. 1 comes from artists based in Munich, Oslo and London, among other cities, representing the de-centralised digital world of music today whilst still fulfilling Nonclassical’s objective of presenting the best of new and upcoming contemporary classical work. 

Outside the Lines Vol. 1 EP

Outside the Lines Vol. 1 EP

Tre Voci - Modus Triplex (Alex Nikiporenko) 
Formed in 2012, Tre Voci is comprised of Norwegian cellist Torun Sæter Stavseng and British cellists/composers Gregor Riddell and Colin Alexander. Their performances often explore structured improvisation, performing with live processed electronics as well as Scandinavian folk music. On this release they perform music by Alex Nikiporenko, recently shortlisted for a British Composer Award in the Small Chamber category. Modus Triplex presents an investigation into the resonance of three cellos in an immersive and sweeping soundworld.

NASduo - A Certain Degree of Neurosis 3rd Movement (Gene Pritsker)
NASduo is a bass clarinet & percuss­ion duo created in 2008 and based in London­. Their work is mainly focused on contempo­rary music, commissioning and playing ne­w pieces for this unusual combination. On this release they’re performing the music of New York composer Gene Pritsker, whose eclectic taste shines through in the driving and intricate rhythmic patterns of A Certain Degree of Neurosis 3rd Movement. 

Tom Richards - The Old Up Down
An artist, musician, DJ, researcher and instrument designer working in London, Tom Richards walks a fine line between sonic art and music. As part of his PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London, Tom has recently reconstructed Daphne Oram’s eponymous Oramics Machine and he often performs using parts of this machine. Using an idiosyncratic modular system of his own design and construction, Tom creates evolving improvisations often involving polyrhythmic patterns leading to a rhythmically focused sonic experience melding the world of techno, IDM and experimental electronic music. 

Tempest Flute Trio - Niederau (Gary Carpenter) - Koltur Remix
A recent winner of the Royal Philharmonic Society Composition Prize, Dani Howard is truly a name to watch in the classical world. Parallel Lines explores symmetry and motion between two vastly distinct instruments: trombone and percussion. Another piece by Dani entitled Symmetry was performed by violin duo Mainly Two at the Outside the Lines launch event. 

Mathis Nitschke - Kabelsteg 
Mathis Nitschke is a conceptual artist, composer, sound designer and performer, specialising in music combined with theatre and new technologies. His music is often a result of combined improvisational practice. He maintains special working relationships with singers and musicians, among them Anja Lechner who plays cello on Kabelsteg. The piece roams from the intimate to the vast using the studio as an instrument in its own right and bookending this EP as a perfect match and yet contrast to Tre Voci’s performance of Modus Triplex. 

By Alex Gowan-Webster for Mount Dela