...although there was still some of that.

Fresh out of sixth form, living in London with a year to go until university, I wanted to experience the current music industry from a different perspective. Marketing, as opposed to composing or performing.

A day in the office of this small music charity was never the same; spreading word of contemporary classical music by listing our event online or flyering around our local community as well as managing our websites and social media. In my three months here, I’ve learnt how to use various different platforms such as SquareSpace, WordPress and Hootsuite.

Nonclassical Intern

I was no stranger to social media before joining this company, however, I quickly learned that posting on behalf of a company is a completely different ball game to sharing a picture of your Sunday brunch with your friends. I learnt that managing so many different social media pages as well as websites was all about keeping the brand consistent throughout. Nonclassical being a black and white undercover design while Street Orchestra of London is full of bright and vibrant smiling faces.

Each month I was able to attend the monthly night at The Victoria, Dalston, where I helped with soundchecks, kept our social media updated and even did a cheeky bit of networking with composers and performers. These nights introduced me to so many different current contemporary performers as well as current composers. This gave me an insight into the life of current classical musicians as well as learning about label and artist development and press.

In my time at Nonclassical, along with seeing the same team of friendly faces each week and coming last in our Christmas bowling party, I have had the opportunity to help organise their annual Battle of the Bands event as well as the release of our new compilation album; being part of a company that works to expose current contemporary music has given me an insight into what classical music has evolved into and what composers and performers of the modern era take on.

Vinthya Perinpanathan
Marketing Intern