RISE OF THE MACHINE - 15.04.2016


"conducive to optimism about the future of classical music" **** The Times (full review here)

Featured in Metro's "Best of the year's posh club night's" and Time Out's "Top 10 Gigs Of The Week"

"audience response was consistently enthusiastic (...) diverse and eventful evening" The Cusp

photo by Nick Rutter

photo by Nick Rutter




"Gabriel Prokofiev’s ace night that turns classical music on its head"
Time Out

"Clubbing Pick of the Week"
Guardian Guide

"Without doubt one of the most enjoyable fixtures in London’s new music calendar"
Evening Standard

"A rich, varied, high-energy, happily chaotic affair that lasted into the wee hours of the morning"

"Prokofiev and his team deserve credit for their determination to take ambitious new music projects to venues outside London’s publicly funded arts centres."
The Londonist

"If I were a traditional concert promoter, I’d be rushing to the nearest board-room to try and
work out how this kind of atmosphere can be recreated."
The Sunday Times

"The mainstream institutions are missing a lot. They’re missing potentially large ticket sales
and the artistic and cultural opportunity of a lifetime — a chance to join with the newest,
most powerful force in the art they claim to represent, and to connect classical music with a
new generation of smart younger people"
Wall Street Journal

"While cynics repeat their gloomy predictions about the future of the “classical music
industry”, a new generation of artists is already redefining the concept… Prokofiev’s work
as a composer, producer and founder of the Nonclassical label has capitalized on this
interest to develop a fresh approach to the presentation, dissemination and consumption of
classical music"
Financial Times

"A bold and brilliant attempt to bring classical performances to a neglected audience"
Time Out

"DJ Gabriel Prokofiev’s attempt to get rid of the formalities of classical concerts is a vision of
classical music as good old-fashioned entertainment"
The Telegraph