Orchestral club night in a warehouse space in east London, exploring the use of machines and mechanical influences on classical music.

The centrepiece is the world premiere of Concerto for Drum Machine & Orchestra, with each of the five movements composed by different composers from across the classical and electronic music scene.  

There'll be a particular focus on orchestral music's relationship with modern technology; human performers exploring mechanical rhythms and new timbres that electronic music has discovered.

// LINE-UP //

Southbank Sinfonia is an orchestra of outstanding young professionals described by The Times as ‘a dashing ensemble who play with exhilarating fizz, exactness and stamina’.
Langham Research Centre, founded in 2003 by BBC Radio 3 producers, work with vintage equipment to perform 20th century classic electronic repertoire. 
* Conductor: Jessica Cottis
* Nonclassical DJs including Gabriel Prokofiev


Concerto for Drum Machine & Orchestra (2017) - *world premiere* 
One movement composed by each of: Beni Giles, Laurence Osborn, Josephine Stephenson, Jo Thomas, Max de Wardener 

Nick Ryan & John Matthias: Cortical Songs (2008)
A work in four movements for string ensemble and solo violin in which the orchestra is partially controlled by the neural patterns of a tiny computer brain. The resultant work takes the orchestra into an ethereal sound world of lush strings juxtaposed with the skittering crackles of neural activity. Listen on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Barry Guy: Mr Babbage is Coming to Dinner! (2015)
This piece was inspired by Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine No2 and was commissioned by the Science Museum. 

Magnus Lindberg: Engine (1996)
The title of this piece is inspired by the computing language associated with using the Patchwork1 programme. 

£15 adults / £8 concessions and under 25s