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Latest News


Latest News

OUT NOW! Live @Nonclassical // vol. #1

Ten years ago, a new generation of composers and musicians started putting on classical gigs in non-traditional venues. Since then, a new alternative classical music scene has emerged. Now, there are alt classical gigs happening all over London - everywhere from warehouses to pubs, to abandoned underground stations - essentially creating a new music movement.

Nonclassical has been at the forefront of the new alternative classical scene in London.
We have carefully multitrack recorded most of the shows and this is the first of a series of exciting LIVE releases showcasing some of the most lively and talented contemporary musicians in the alternative classical scene in London. 


5.09.15 - Deloitte IGnite: NONCLASSICAL CLUB NIGHT

Join us for an immersive club night and experience drama, passion and tragedy through music, song and dance at The Royal Opera House.




OUT NOW// Klavikon album

Klavikon reimagines ‘electronic’ music without the use of conventional processes - no loops, no laptops, no sequencers. Instead, pianist Leon Michener employs a unique system of amplified prepared piano.

NONCLASSICAl podcast //         JUNE 2015: ben vince